Khudai Khidmatgar: A ray of hope in Jalalabad, Afghanistan

I wanted to share these pictures earlier but I was hesitant as I could not believe that this has been possible in such a short span of time. These pictures are from Jalalabad, Afghanistan in which youths in their mid-twenties are engaged in constructive work as a plantation, teaching the school drop-outs at evening Taleem center. Also, during Ramzan these Khudai Khidmatgars were involved in the kit distribution drive to the marginalized people in the area. This ray of hope is shown by Muneer Sadat, Jalal Khan, etc. who work actively with us when they were in Delhi for their academics and after the completion, they return to their motherland and started Afghanistan Khudai Khidmatgar. 
This could only be possible because we have not limited them to customary activism like intriguing debates, long-standing speeches, unhealthy euphemisms of the victims, blaming others, etc. but we taught them human values, love for a fellow living being and to feel sad on the sorrows of the others. This was the mantra we had provided them when they are in Delhi for their academics and told them if you want to work for the people then just win the hearts of the people by respecting them and their belief system. These jantars pumped them to start the work in Jalalabad and moreover, it was our duty to initiate the work in Jalalabad as it was the will of our hero Khan Sahab that he should sleep in this soil forever. Friends, Khudai Khidmatgar Afghanistan need your love and support. Furthermore, it is our motive that there should be no place on earth without love and compassion. These pictures provide us strength, power, and courage because we all fight for humanity on the only hope that hate will be eliminated, absurdity will disappear, oppression will end and this world will become beautiful one day. Also, these pictures are of great importance because it is coming from the place where the people have suffered a lot because of extremism and radicalism.

It is quite often while reading ‘Khairul Majalis’ authored by Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya\'s Janashin Hazrat Nasiruddin Chirag Delhvi that tears didn\'t stop. In these Malfuzaat*, Hazrat Nasiruddin Chirag is talking to his disciples who are getting trained in his khanqah for the service of humanity and love. What made Nasiruddin as Hazrat Nasiruddin is his passion of serving the creation of god i.e., Khidmat-e-Khalq. During the winters when someone does not have woolen clothes, then Hazrat Chirag Dehlvi take off all his clothes and give it to him. There are thousands of such incidents which talks about his service for the creation of God. Now, many readers will think that why I am discussing about Hazrat Nasiruddin in an article which is focused on the work of Khudai Khidmatgar Afghanistan. But according to me, it is utmost required in the present time because our activism is day by day becoming professional. There is no place for compassion, love, humility, and tears in a workshop on Capacity Building. The main focus of these workshops is to increase the capacity only. I often talk to new social workers to understand there psychic but they are found to be emotionless and excitement less. Many of them started working as an activist because of unemployment and think that this is the best employment opportunity available. Due to which wickedness is reflected from their faces.

What I experience in my 15 years of activism and that only became the main reason for the revival of Khudai Khidmatgar is that the customary activism lacks in - humanity, love, compassion and sympathy. I have never heard anyone except few who shuddered me with his/her words or made tears louse out from my eyes or talked in a way which desire a person to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of humanity. Rather they talked about what had happened, there oration also contains non-motivating stuff which is being heard a thousand times. The result of all this is in front of us and often young people feel deserted after few months because of demotivation. They are left with two options either to leave this or to form professional NGOs .

Moreover, during workshops, capacity building and leadership training half of the time is wasted in discussing the past and the left over is used for criticising others.  Also, the Majority of them prescribe their own solution on every single problem because they think with pride and stubbornness that only their medicine can cure the disease though the outcome is cancerous for fever.


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