Khudai Khidmatgar’s SAATH AAO-DESH BANAO Convention

Khudai Khidmatgar organized a national level Convention on 26th November, titled as SAATH AAO DESH BANAO” (Come together to build the nation) to promote Harmony, Peace, Human Rights violations, and to prevail Justice. The concept of the convention is to address the present existing issues in the society which is challengeable in large.  The convention was held at Rajendra Bhawan, New Delhi.

Khudai Khidmatgar representatives from sixteen-16 states represented and presented their state-level challenges, issues, activities, and plans to counter those issues, with the intention of building a peaceful nation and working for marginalized people to ensure their participation in nation-building, beyond all forms of differences and by breaking inequalities.

Renowned personalities of the society who are working with real dedication in the society have participated in the convention to motivate and to guide the Delegates of Khudai Khidmatgar regarding the need and importance of the issue and contemporary socio-political, economic and religious challenges. Noted personalities like Social Activist Medha Patkar-NAPM, Senior Socialist Leader Chandrabhal Tripathi – Society for Communal Harmony, Aditya Patnaik- National Convener Sarvodaya Samaj, Senior Gandhian Satya Paul, Ramesh Bhai, Manpreet Singh Khalsa- Representative Khalsa Aid, Faisal Khan, Khudai Khidmatgar .Philip Christy- President, All India Christian Minorities Association, who have well presented their views on the concept of the convention and expressed the need of the hour to come unitedly to counter the challenges in front of the society, with the below-mentioned promises

 We shall come together to appeal the society that this nation and its people are united always, will not allow any individual or stakeholders to divide us by any such boundaries or factions.

We shall come together with the endeavor to protect the rights of all the sections in the society, particularly with the Laborers, Farmers, Backward sections, Minorities, Dalits and Tribals, etc.

We shall come together to lead the society to protect our natural resources, will not allow anyone to commercialize our water, forest, and land, etc.

 We shall come together to demand the society, to live and respect the values of humanity, justice, and equality so that to create just, equal and humanitarian society.

We shall come together to respect and to promote the life and dignity of every human being in this nation, to protect the holistic and pluralist nature of our Motherland.

Khudai Khidmatgar delegates across the country participated, like Shafi Ahmad Dar from Jammu and Kashmir, Dharamveer Singh from Punjab, Gurmukh Singh from Haryana, Balwant Singh Yadav from Himachal Pradesh, Mohammad Javed from Mewad, Mahipal Sarswath from Rajasthan, Anurag Shukla from Uttar Pradesh, Shakuntala Behan and Sushil Khanna from Delhi, Ishtak from Madhya Pradesh, Dilshad Ahmad from Bihar, Bilal Kagzi from Gujarat, Vijay Desh Pande from Maharashtra, Moulana Masood Qasmi from Karnataka, Musthafa Muhammad from Kerala, Mayaraj from Tamil Nadu, Atiur Rahman from Assam, Amjad from Manipur. Khudai Khidmatgar Women Leaders Kamar Jahan from Uttar Pradesh, Anandi Ammal from Tamil Nadu, Afsana, Noori, and Rulima from Delhi participated in large numbers.            


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