Karwane -Bedari

Khudai Khidmatgar’s Karwan-e Bedari, comprising , Faisal Khan, Firdus Islam, Ghufran Khan, Kirpal Singh Mandloi, Krishna Nayak, M. Sauban, Parvez, Qamar Intikhab, Rizwan Ahmed, Rizwan Khan, S. Adnan, Shiraz Gaur and Tabish Bhatti, started from Aligarh Muslim University on March 27 and culminated at Panipat on March 29. The en-route halts included: Sarsaul, Khurja, Bulandshahar, Baral, Chprawat, Gulawthee, Hafizpur, Hapur, Kali, Chandsara, Noornagar, Kharkhoda, Meerut, Daurala, Bhangel, Khatauli, Mansoorpur, Ghasipura, Jaroda, Muzaffar Nagar, Sarwat, Bajheri, Bagonwali, Khampur, Deoband, Talehri, Nagal, Tapri, Saharanpur, Rampur, Nanota, Jalalabad, Thanabahwan, Shamli, Kandhla, Kairana, Sanauli.
In addition to the people-at-large, the following organizations and individuals facilitated the organization of the aforementioned Karwan-e Bedari:

  1. Aligarh: AMU Khudai Khidmatgar

  2. Gunnaur: Madarsa Shamsul Uloom, S. Y. Public School

  3. Khatauli: AMU Old Boys Association

  4. Kandhla: Afkar India Foundation ,khudai khidmatgar

  5. Kairana: Jagriti Sewa Sansthan

  6. Meerut: Khudai Khidmatgar local unit, Rajputana chaupal, Dr. Majid

  7. Muzaffar Nagar: Moti Lal Sharma, Rehana Adeeb, Khudai Khidmatgar local unit, Astitav

  8. Naggal: Gram Panchayat

  9. Saharanpur: Qudsia Anjum, Parcham, Madarsa Talimi Board

  10. Panipat: Hali Trust, Haryana Khudai Khidmatgar

Ever since her revival in 2012, Khudai Khidmatgar has been acutely conscious about the need for Bedari (Awareness) about the need for the spread of education, without which an optimally desirable society (khudai), commensurate with the developmental level of productive forces, cannot be built. Towards this objective, Karwan-e Bedari journeyed from Aligarh to Panipat and interacted with people at all sorts of public places, gram panchayats, schools, madarsas, roadside. The state of affairs in respect of education in this area is not at all satisfactory. In addition to spreading awareness, Karwan-e Bedari also introduced Khudai Khidmatgar and the need for such an organization and approach.

The caravan was warmly welcomed all along the route and the message was well-received. At Meerut, the youth of Rajputana mohalla became so enthusiastic that they decided to open a library in a week’s time! For the educational empowerment of the village children, the people decided to establish a library at Khatauli. In Muzaffar Nagar meeting, two local khidmatgar, Priyanshu Goel and Adnan discussed how their college got divided on communal lines after 2014 engineered violence and now they could subsequently develop an enthusiastic team of Khudai Khidmatgar.

In Kandhla, the youth decided to organise a youth camp and a monthly ‘cycle rally’. The management of Gannur madarsa agreed for monthly interaction of students with Khudai Khidmatgar. At Saharanpur, a forum was formed for monthly interaction on current issues. Despite our suggestion to first observe Khudai Khidmatgar’s functioning before joining her, 67 youth joined khudai khidmatgar.



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