Mewat Firozpur Namak Rohinya Refugee Camp

On 30th May 2018, Khudai Khidmatgar Central Team- Faisal Khan, Syed Tahseen Ahmad, Sahil Ahmed, Suyash Tripathi, and Javed Chopan visited Rohingya\'s Camp at village Firozpur Namak, Nuh, Mewat, which was destroyed by fire. There jhuggis was burnt last Saturday when most of these refugees were in court for their verification process around 3 p.m. as told by one of the members of the camp.

He also told our team that SDM of the area is helping them in their daily utility work by sending them a tank of drinking water, installing temporary tents for shade and four air coolers.

Khudai Khidmatgar Central team distributed an envelope containing ₹700 each to 57 families, 1 packet of date, 2 packets of rusk and 2 special Ramzan roti and. As calculated by the team they are in urgent need of food items (dry as well as wet), utensils, housing material such as plastic mates, bamboos and tent cover, water cans, etc. and material for the construction of their tents, mosque and madrasa.

Lately, the team was joined by Mewat Khudai Khidmatgar convenor Mohammad Javed who also helped in distributing the relief items and when the team was returning he went to buy water vessel for these refugees.

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