shri Justice Rajinder Sachar Lecture

Sabka Ghar-Delhi started the lecture series in the name of Late Shri Justice Rajinder Sachar. This lecture series will be organized on the contemporary issues at every 15 days at Sabka Ghar-Delhi. The first lecture in this series was organised successfully on the topic - National Register Of Citizenship and Citizenship Crisis. The speaker for the lecture was Adv. Elias Ahmed from Guwahati High Court
and Adv. N. Siva Kumar from Madras High Court.

During the presentation Adv. Elias categorically stated that there is a lot of arbitrariness under the whole process of NRC and Foreigners\' tribunal. Also, there is a lack of fairness and transparency which is leading to the violation of the concept of natural justice. On the other hand, Adv. Siva Kumar stated that it is because of the political reasons that the concept of Citizenship was used in the negative so that it can benefit a political regime to polarize their vote bank. He also quoted a popular Tamil saying i.e.,   \"Yaathum ooray yaavarum kaelir\", the meaning of this quotes is that all nations are my nation all the people are my Kith and kin, that is all national are my brothers, sisters, and relatives

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