Inauguration of Mobile Sadbhavna Kendra (Initiative of Khudai Khidmatgar, India)
Jawahar Bhawan, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi Date August 19, 2018.

The hatred and violence are evidently on the rise in our society and have already reached alarming levels.In view of present facts, Khudai Khidmatgar India believes that seminar, discussions, and symposiums are not enough. There is an urgent need for rethinking and re-evaluating our strategy. Hence Khudai Khidmatgar India came up with the idea of “MOBILE SADBHAVNA KENDRA\", a vehicle which will be commuting with a message of peace, sisterhood/ brotherhood, and love. \"MOBILE 

SADBHAVNA KENDRA\" was jointly inaugurated by Shri Acharya Pramod Krishnam Ji ( founder Sarthank trust and Kalki Foundation ) and Dr. Sayeda Hameed (Activist and former member of planning commission) in Jawahar Bhawan New Delhi.

During his inaugural address Faisal Khan (national Convener Khudai khidmatgar ) mentioned that there is a greater need to reach people effectively with a message of peace, love. It\'s on us to carry forward the legacy of Meera , Raskhan , Kabir , Gandhi and many other\'s. Creativity, thinking out of the box and deep evaluation of our methods are need of the hour for the effective outcome of all our hard work, efforts and interventions. He also mentioned that Khudai Khidmatgar teams, comprising students, farmers and other activists will visit the villages, interact with the people, and try to spread the understanding that generates love for all and empathy for the disadvantaged and the discriminated. Shri Acharya Pramod Krishnam Ji mentioned that its the smallest amber which turns out to be light during darkness similarly this sadbhavna Kendra will be spread light wherever it goes. He said that All religions spread the message of humanity and peace.Its on to us to take this necessary intervention in right directions to live up to the dreams of the freedom fighters and rebuilt asocial fabric.Dr. Sayeda Hameed recalled the day when she saw Khan abdul Gaffar khan and mentioned that khudai khidmatgar India is walking on the steps of Seemant Gandhi and their relentless efforts are appreciable. Both Shri Acharya Pramod Krishnam Ji and Dr. Sayeda Hameed extended their wishes, support and guidance for the initiative.

They waved green flag to the first yatra of the Sadhbhavna van wherein Khudai Khidmatgar team member\'s Sahil Ahmed , Dr Kush Kumar Singh , Suyesh Tripathi, Afsana , Kripal Singh Mandloi visited Gandhi Smiriti Birla Bhavan , Bangla Sahib , Sacred Heart Cathedral , Birla Mandir and Hazart Nizammudin Auliya Dargah distributed literature with the message of Gandhi and Seemant Gandhi .



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