Khudai Khidmatgar Delhi Unit started \"Working with Ragpickers- from 2nd October 2017 after several formal and informal meeting with rag pickers community at slum colonies of Ragpickers in the area of Madanpur Khadar Extension JJ Colony. on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi, since Gandhi Ji believed in action rather than speech. The motto of Khudai Khidmatgar is to work on the basis of action with marginalized sections.

Khudai Khidmatgar involved in the field work for the past few months for connecting the Ragpickers with the society in large, the program was organized to concentrate on specific issues and problems related to Ragpickers and strive to struggle with them for their rights. Today\'s program was based on some specific agenda summarised as below. Khudai Khidmatgar in the future decided to work on four concepts to community development. 

1) Youth Leadership- The program paid attention to forming a committee among the Ragpickers youths who would concentrate to mobilize themselves and get awareness of social security and health-related issues. 

2) Awareness on Social Security- Program concentrated on the issue of social security, which is one of the basic issues faced by marginalized sections of the society. It would create a link between Government and Ragpickers so that they are able to deal with issues of Ragpickers accordingly. Also, it concentrated on creating awareness about the Govt schemes among Ragpickers so that they could get a platform to raise their issues and problems to respective authorities. Another aspect was to concentrate on health consciousness because being a Ragpicker, most important thing is sanitation and cleanliness, so raising awareness about it would make them realize about concerns of their health and also, to organize health camps so that their health issues could be adequately dealt with.

3) Education Awareness Programme- This issue deals with the education of children of Ragpickers who Don\'t get admission in schools. So, it was discussed on organizing classes for children to provide them with basic education, as well as Remedial classes to their children.

4)Legal Guidance- This issue concentrated on creating awareness about the rights and duties of people along with providing a specific forum to listen to their legal problems and to solve them. Also, it consisted of paying attention to documentation of Ragpickers which is one of the biggest issues which deprives them of benefits of various schemes.

There was a lot of enthusiasm among people as according to them, it was the first time when someone came to listen to their problems. Children were also very enthusiastic about listening about the agenda for their education.


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