Since from the very first day of the revival Khudai Khidmatgar wanted to connect to the masses and as Gandhiji once said that ‘India does not live in its towns but in its villages’ so we started rural awareness centre in those areas in which the marginalized section of the society lives.
The aim of these centres-
To educate and aware the rural people on socio-economic and political issues.
To teach constitutional values.
To teach them how to use local resources for infrastructure development.
To conserve the natural resources.
To protect their own indigenous culture.

Khudai Khidmatgar setup several such centres in many parts of the country and that is amongst those communities who are the most marginalized. We have three such centre in Haryana and two of them in the mewat region which is highly underprivileged.Khudai Khidmatgar plans to connect to every indigenous population of India in the near future. Hope, we fulfill this objective very soon.

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