Youth Leadership camp Shamli

0n 26,27,28th April 2014, Malakpur, Shamli Dist, Uttar Pradesh.

 Khudai Khidmatgar Organized three days Youth Leadership Camp at Malakpur Village of Shamli District. The aim of the camp, to aware the Young generation and their parents on the arising situation in the society, essential of communal harmony, compulsory education Particularly the Girls education in large and creating leadership quality in the society.

 Participants from the villages such as Malakpur, Noorpur, Kurghan, Suneti, Barnavi, Loyi, Fugana, Kandhla, Chontra, Rotan, Kutba Kutbi, Goguan, Jhin Jana, Sanauli, Kairana, Alipur have participated, The Khudai Khidmatgar National Leaders Faisal Khan, Inamul Hasan, Mahipal Saraswath, Tabish Bhatti, Gurumukh Singh, Mohd.Faizan, Mursaleen Chauhan, Dr. Abdul Majid, taken initiative of the camp  

The first day of the camp started with the inaugural session, well known Gandhian and National Convenor of Anti-liquor prohibition Council and Senior Leader of Sarva Sevak Sangh Shri. Mahaveer Tyagi Ji the chief guest for the inaugural session of the camp, the other delegates participated and addressed the camp were Faisal Khan, Shri Surendar Chaukar, Hakeem Md.Akbar, Ramphal Saini, and Anjum Behan.

After the inaugural session, four groups were made by the name Mahatma Gandhi Ji group, Sarhadee Gandhi group, Shaheed e Azam group, Jhansi ki Rani Group and each group carries of participants from all age group (Children, Young Boys, and Girls, Men and Women). These groups visited the nearby villages in the evening and organized street corner meeting and interaction with the public till 6.30.p.m. and return back to the camp till 7.p.m. Peace Prayer and book reading organized till 8.p.m, Documentary show displayed to the participants on various social issues, with these the first day scheduled ends.

The second day schedule starts from rally post at 6 - 6.30.a.m, peace prayer till 7.00 a.m, Cleaning (Shram Daan) programme till 8.a.m, then the session starts at 9.30 on the discussion of various issues in the villages till 10.30, a public rally to create awareness in the village organized till 11.30 and 30 minutes for refreshment, the session starts on the topic of need of education (focussed on children and girls in particular) till 1.p.m, addressed by Mohd. Faizan,

The other session by the name of village responsibility from 2-3.00 p.m addressed by Gurumukh Singh, the alternative session addressed by Tabish Bhatti at the same time and discussion with the School Children on cleanliness, education, discipline etc which had the good response from the children and change of attitude seems on the same day itself which is very happiest moment for us.  From 3.p.m- 4.p.m group discussions and interaction among the groups, 4.p.m-5.30 p.m. Responsibility of civilians in making good and equal society, the session addressed by Mahipal Saraswath.The group visited the nearby villages as like the previous day which received a good response from the villagers. The other schedule was continued as per the previous day.

The third-day session started with the rally post, peace prayer, and other activities till 9.30a.m, a session on Social responsibility and need of Khudai Khidmatgar Organization with future plan addressed by Inamul Hasan till 11.30.a.m, in the final concluding session 23 Members from Malakpur, Kairana, Khurgan, Barnavi, Jhinjana, Suneti, Alipur ready to give their time towards the society and the developmental activities of their village. With the National Anthem, the three days camp declared end.

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