KhudaiKhidmatgar Punjab MNREGA workers mobilizations and networking

we have a very fascinating image of Punjab that there is prosperity all around and no problem in the state but this image got rupture when we visited Malwa region. This region includes Ferozpur, Faridkot, Taran tar, etc. There is extreme poverty in this region which includes mainly the Sikh-Dalit community. They survive working as daily -wage and agriculture labor.

Issues which are taken by Punjab khudai khidmatgar on this issue

No payment for the last three months.

Consistent delay in the payment of MNREGA mazdoori,

They are paid less than the actual amount and if someone raises this issue then he is not even paid the lesser amount.

Fake names in the register- Some third person is getting the mazdoori who is not even involved in it.

No union can raise their issues.

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