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Human Chain

Human Chain started against Hydro Carbon Project in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry by Khudai Khidmatgar Puducherry Unit and Un-Organised Federation.

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Inauguration of Save Farmer Save Life Yatra by Lucknow Khudai Khidmatgar

Khudai Khidmatgar initiated the campaign to raise the voice of the Farmers and their related issues in the public to create mass awareness among the farmer\'s rights in large. there is a general perception that every society or a group whoever suffers from a problem they themselves must stand up to resolve their issues. The rest of society is not involving in their rights-based issues or whenever they faced some difficulties.  keeping this in a view Khudai K...

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KhudaiKhidmatgar Punjab MNREGA workers mobilizations and networking

we have a very fascinating image of Punjab that there is prosperity all around and no problem in the state but this image got rupture when we visited Malwa region. This region includes Ferozpur, Faridkot, Taran tar, etc. There is extreme poverty in this region which includes mainly the Sikh-Dalit community. They survive working as daily -wage and agriculture labor.

Issues which are taken by Punjab khudai khidmatgar on this issue

No payment for...

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