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The powerful forces that control capital - at the national and international both levels - need to keep the people divided so that their social dominance and control over the resources remain unchallenged and their profits are maximized. To this end, these forces use all sorts of tactics that help divide the people - be it in the name of religion, region, caste, language, gender, profession or whatever. The reactionary forces make all attempts to hide t...

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Interactive session with Prof. Timothy S. Dobe

Interactive session# with Prof. Timothy S. [email protected] Ghar on Religion-Non Violence and Peace.

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Judy Stov,Renowned Educationist From Belgium

Judy Stov, Renowned Educationist From Belgium and Professor of English, visited Sabka Ghar. Interactive Session on Youth and Society#She  was given heartwarming welcome by Sabka Ghar fraternity

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