Khudaikhidmatgar in News

A Modern Gandhian: Khudai Khidmatgar And Faisal Khan’s Politics Of Love In A Post-Gandhi India

“A social worker should be like Sant Kabir and speak his mind; it’s not like we are part of the government and we’d lose votes because of that,” he boomed. This is what ultimately led him to revive the Khidmatgars.

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Countering communal poison has to be an ongoing process\'

For the last 12 years i have been working as a full-time activist. I have been disillusioned and unhappy with the working of civil society at the grassroots level. I don\'t believe that speeches or seminars can actually reach out to this country. We have

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Of ideals, idols and satyagraha

On Frontier Gandhi\'s death anniversary, activist Faisal Khan talks about his efforts to revive the freedom fighter\'s Khudai Khidmatgar

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